Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Favorite Girl in the World

I know I often say that certain things give me life, but there is only one woman who can say that she ACTUALLY did it. Yaaaaaaaaas girl, YOU DID THAT.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Then You'll Be Free

So I'm "dating" again.  I put it in quotes cause in my mind, until you're hitched or planning to get hitched, you're basically dating. I don't believe in half assing when I do something so I have dusted off and broken out my dog & pony traveling roadshow that showcases my awesomeness for the potential eligible bachelors of the world. I'm smiling as I walk down the street even in torrential downpours like what NYC had this morning, I flirt incessantly, and I maintain a positive outlook at all costs.  I don't know the terminology for what you call it when you are being open to what life, the universe, and the internet bring you. Whatever you call that, that's what I'm doing. Being open without being easy I guess, and learning about myself in the process.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Protect me from myself
save me from my own vices
my own social ills that force me
to ignore and not appreciate that
which i love above all else
help me!
help me abolish self doubt and criticism
ban impatience and frustration
open me completely to love
as freely as i feel inside
allow me to embrace you as i have my own body

protect me

be my shield and i will be your sword
i am by your side
in the palm of your hand

you possess me
you inspire me
you enthrall me
you distract me

protect me
help me


i don't have to hunt for the rhyme and verse in any pen
'cause we exist in a place of
free verse
we exist on planes where our caresses become songs
where our embraces are dances
all words traded between our tongues
are sure to be transcribed
into every scholar's canon of love

you entice me
you inspire me
you irk me
you possess me
to step outside realms of comfort and places of safe choices
you push me to the outer edges of my existence
wanting to die suddenly
only to be reborn to rediscover how delicious you felt the first time
lascivious, lustful thoughts make me
want to run naked in the rain
only to stumble upon you on a sidewalk
and be subjected to your kindness