Friday, January 17, 2014

SIEMPRE #011714

She is my sister, my bestie, my other half.

It was late October and we were walking hurriedly back to my house from somewhere we shouldn't have been.  She and I have always had adventures that began with me proposing something we should do, and she unwillingly coming along for the ride. I think we'd snuck over to some boy's house while his parents weren't home, and we needed to get back to my house before......fill in the mischievous blank.

As we walked, we laughed about how much fun we always have and then it hit me.

Me: It's almost Halloween.

C: Ok. And.

Me: Don't you remember? Halloween is when we first met.  It's like our anniversary.

C: (laughs) Our Friendshiversary.

Me:  Do you realize we've now been friends for (subtract 6 from our ages) years?

C: Oh my God....Thats' a long time.

Me: We need to celebrate and commemorate this moment.

C: We don't have anymore of the vodka from your dad's house.

Me: (fishes around in my pocket while we cross Arkansas Avenue. Pulls out safety pin.)  We should become blood sisters.

C: (shrugs) Ok. Is that pin clean?

I pricked my finger, she pricked hers, and we pressed the two together. Then we hugged, each while clutching our fingers and rushing to get back to my house. 

I could say it was the luck of the draw that 30 something years ago, her mother and mine were teamed up to plan a Halloween Jack and Jill activity together, but the way the two of us clicked, it had to be the fates, or the angels, or the saints, that put those two wild women, those two mothers of their own twin amidst two litters of boys, together.

 I always hear women rave about the virtue that is a sister and look at me pityingly when I tell them I have brothers.  Those who know me know I love my boys like flowers love the sun, but there is something different about what my sister-from-another-mister and I share. She is proof that love can exist without connections that stem from blood, sexuality, or romance.

From when we were young and fuzzy headed little brown girls tomboys rushing around with careless abandon to slowly greying women fighting through life and gravity, knowing that we always have each other makes life worth living.  Knowing I have her makes the insurmountable feel conquerable. Our text message timeline reads like the transcript of reality shows we each are living, overly detailed so that one never misses a thing in the other's life.
We've nursed each other through both of our parents' divorces, mine in our teens, hers in our twenties, and through our own heartbreaks and disappointments too numerous to count. When life has handed us the proverbial lemons, our other half has always been the one standing by with the pitcher, sugar, water, and spoon to make it into something better.

Without her, I would have never gone to school in the AUC.
Without her, I would never have stepped into blogging/social media.
Without her, I would have disappeared into the shell of a person I'd begun to dissolve into 5 years ago.

There is nothing in this world I would not do for her. Gladly and without question I would give her anything she needs and she would do the same for me.  She is one of my greatest loves.  One that has spanned decades that have felt like centuries, cause the bond we share feels that strong and that old and we chose each other.

The keeper of each other's darkest secrets.
The conscience the other so often needs.
The cheerleader when life seems bleakest.
The Hillary to my CC.

Happy Birthday C!
Love you like flowers love the sun! 

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